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  • True Virtual 3D Visuals
  • Games pop out of the screen and feel more life like than ever before!
  • Compatible with existing Nintendo DS games
  • Built in camera allows you to take 3D images

Product Review:
Nintendo 3DS

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If you enjoyed the Nintendo DS, then you'll absolutely love the 3DS! It's only every so often that the whole video game experience truly offers something so unique, that you'll have the time of your life the first second that you experience it and Nintendo certainly have achieved it once again with their new handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS.

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Things we liked: Just like all of Nintendo's previous handheld consoles, once your first hold the 3DS in your hands, you'll enjoy how comfortable it is. The system is very similar to the regular DS and almost feels like it was made for your hands.

A key difference you'll first notice is that once again their are 2 screen but with the 3DS the top screen is larger than the bottom one. I really like this change as in most games the bulk of the action takes place on the upper screen, so it makes sense to make it as large as possible.

Another addition I like is the inclusion of a 3D control stick. The old DS only had the d-pad which is suffice but can be quite limited. However the 3DS is a joy to control as you know have full 360 degrees movement and it's a high quality stick unlike the PSP.

Now perhaps the most important question you may be asking is whether or not the 3D graphics of the 3DS are good enough to buy the system for. I admit at first I was a little skeptical as to how good the effect would be, but I'm glad I was proven wrong! Nintendo have certainly created a powerful machine here and the 3D effect definitely is no gimmick.

It's a similar effect to the 3D movies we all watch in the cinemas however the effect is a lot more advanced here. It really adds another layer of depth to game play and you'll often have be drooling with amazement at how cool the graphics are on this thing. I can play the system for hours on end without feeling any discomfort but if you do feel a little queasy just take a break.

Conclusion: Overall I love the Nintendo 3DS! It's new, different and makes me feel like a kid at Christmas all over again. The 3DS visuals can be different depending on the game and it really does makes games more realistic and fun. Nintendo always make quality hardware and software so it really is a no brainer purchase if you enjoy Nintendo games on the go. 4.5/5

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